What is this thing?

Well, after a number of years of building web based stuff and occasionally writing the odd thing about it (usually for other people) I got to the point where I decided that a technical blog would be a good idea.

You know, something to honour that feeling you have… like hey this is cool but will I remember it? Let’s at least make some notes, write it down!

Then I realised that it would be nice to share this information (not just hoarding it in my own personal installed version of Media Wiki). Then I also discovered that It’s probably a darn good idea to make some sense of each comment and/or idea so that other people can understand what the heck I’m on about!

So the plan is this! With any luck I’ll get better at writing, and some other person may, on a bad day, when things are going sideways and pear-shaped find that little bit of information that helps. Oh yes and it’s always nice to have a soap box to rant from!

If your looking for the old blog please click this link