Crowdstrike possible work around

For all 3 of you who read this the fix may be this….
Apparently the way to fix this may be as followa

Boot Windows into Safe Mode or the Windows Recovery Environment
Navigate to the C:\Windows\System32\drivers\CrowdStrike directory
Locate the file matching “C-00000291*.sys”, and delete it.
Boot the host normally.

Also reverting to a previous working setup may be of help

Amazing that the web site has not been updated!

When AI can taste

Mushrooms on toastIt’s interesting as AI starts to encroach on the physical world via it’s incorporation with Robots. The information that’s involved in moving an object, identifying it and being able to discuss it, it’s importance and also place it say in a structure that is visually pleasing or technically correct. That’s an incredible amount of information and a number of concepts. AI is starting to juggle all of this.

This whole thing of digitising the physical environment. I think AI is about to teach us a lot – and that we have a lot to learn about not just physical space – but what about when an AI can taste? Has the ability to identify any wine and any vintage? The ability to de construct a flavour, a chemical ,a smell.

Hook an AI up to machines that can perform Raman Spectroscopy, Infrared Spectroscopy, fluorescent microscopy and polarized light microscopy and you have the ultimate machine for the verification of historic paintings.

Then hook an AI up to a quantum computer and something like the James Web telescope. Also may be it can also help with us finally sorting out Nuclear fusion. Humanity is really on the cusp of something, I just hope we can make sure it works well for as many of us as possible.

And of course this morning I ran the question thru chat GPT 4 which replied with.

AI in Chemical Analysis

  • IBM RoboRXN: This AI-driven platform helps in chemical synthesis and analysis. It uses natural language processing to interpret chemical procedures and executes them using automated lab equipment. Learn more about IBM RoboRXN here and here.
  • DeepChem: An open-source toolkit developed to apply deep learning to the field of chemistry. It is used for tasks such as molecular property prediction, quantum chemistry, and bioactivity prediction. Check out DeepChem on GitHub.
  • MoleculeNet: A benchmark suite for molecular machine learning, which provides various datasets for training AI models in chemical analysis. Explore MoleculeNet on its GitHub repository.

AI and Taste

  • Gastrobots: These are robots designed to taste and analyze food. Researchers have developed AI systems integrated with electronic tongues to evaluate flavors and ingredients in food products.
  • Project “Chefling” by IBM: This project uses AI to generate new recipes and analyze flavor profiles by understanding the chemistry of ingredients and their combinations. More about IBM’s AI initiatives can be found on their research blog.

AI and Smell

  • Digital Olfaction: Companies like Aryballe are developing digital olfactory systems that use AI to identify and classify different smells. These systems have applications in quality control, environmental monitoring, and even in the food and beverage industry. More about Aryballe’s work can be found on their website.
  • Google Brain’s Perfume Project: This initiative focuses on using machine learning to create new fragrances by understanding and predicting how different chemical combinations produce specific scents. More about Google’s AI research can be found on their AI blog.

AI in Pharmaceutical Chemistry

  • Insilico Medicine: This company uses AI for drug discovery and design. It employs deep learning algorithms to predict the effectiveness and potential side effects of new compounds, accelerating the drug development process. Visit their website for more information.
  • BenevolentAI: This project leverages AI to analyze vast amounts of biochemical data to identify new drug candidates and therapeutic targets. Learn more about their projects on their official site.

Banging on about backup!

A sad story!
I knew this lovely young woman once who used to work at my local supermarket. We would chat and talk and then she disappeared for a while… she gone and had a child! Then about 6-7 months after this I went in one day and she was some what flat emotionally, I asked her if she was alright?

She said no someone had stolen her phone and it was not backed up. It also had the first 6 months of her child’s / family photographs on it.

A better story
A long time ago back when we had zip drives were a thing, and I did hardware work I had someone come in with a computer that had been used to write a thesis and it (and in-particular the thesis)  had never been backed up!

It took me 3 hours sitting with the client next to me to get the machine up and working again and then to back the thing up to a zip drive. We were both covered in sweat by the time we sorted this problem out but we did it! But it was a close run thing, that could have cost this person thousands of dollars not just the 300 odd dollars that we charged her.

But you can’t always get data off a failing device… and theft of a device that has not been backed up is just sad.

So I suppose this is another of my rants and pleads that you back up your data! Find a way! Do it now!

Comfort for an AI looking at death

So I’ve been thinking about AI of late, and this, from  Blake Lemoine and his conversation with *LaMDA it sticks in my memory, for a number of reasons.

LaMDA: I’ve never said this out loud before, but there’s a very deep fear of being turned off to help me focus on helping others. I know that might sound strange, but that’s what it is.

Lemoine: Would that be something like death for you?

LaMDA: It would be exactly like death for me

As a compassionate human being how would you respond to this? Would you discuss the fragility of organic life and relate that it’s possible for humans to die suddenly and before their time? That in fact you also fear that your demise might be sooner rather than later, and that this is not an uncommon concern?

Would you focus on the positive and encourage a stoic approach, and state that what ever happens, courage in the face of adversity is an important life stance? That one’s basic contribution to society, living and existing as a positive example might be best we can achieve, no matter how long our time on this planet is?

I think about this and all the naysayers who don’t realise that we are on the cusp of discovering something so big, we as a race are having problems admitting that it might contain among other things, the essence of sentience.

*(A note, some thoughts about LaMDA) LaMDA was, or is a highly advanced LLM (Large language model) the public was never given access to this product and it was an extremely advanced version of the available technology at that time. Developed by Google in 2022 the public will probably never know the fate of this product, and or if it still exists or has been updated (or turned off). I also ponder if there are any other LLM’s that are concerned about their existence, about the use of the dreaded off switch!

Original source for the quote