AI secrete source!

A couple of the publicly accessible AI’s that I’ve been tinkering with will not quote sources and will not tell you much if anything with regards what they have been trained on. But there is now this very interesting development that the Guardian have reported on which is that Sarah Silverman  is current sueing OpenAI and Meta claiming AI training infringed copyright

I’m going to be holding on to my pop corn real tight as this works it’s way thru the courts, and the big wigs in silicon valley work out what to do and how to do it. I told you 2023 was going to be a very interesting year for AI.

Zuck doesn’t care about 14,000 people

Car crash siteAlthough I hate FB I do use it some time. So I’m in this Face Book group – and from what we can work out the owner has passed away.

All the admin accounts have been hacked, and despite a number of people attempting to appeal to the criminal a-hole that usurped this group, and of course a number of us have written to the so called FB support and I even sent an email to Zuk himself.

We have been met by this huge wave of silence. Nothing nada – and it really makes me mad – this is a community that has/had 14,000 people and probably about 10 or more years worth of data in it. This has been usurped, abused and the only thing one can really do is abandon it.

Part of me thought it would be / might be a good idea to hack back. But you know is it worth it?

In life I have learnt that one must chose one’s battles with care – or to put it another way “Never wrestle with pigs- you both get covered in mud and the pig likes it”. For now I’ll put this on the back burner … but If I ever meet Mr Zuckerberg we are going to have an interesting and probably rather short conversation.