Old blog and rss feed now working (again!)

Tape deck

Something I have been meaning to get around to for a few weeks now since the new machine rebuild – the Old blog and the rssfeed are now working! Among other historic gems you can find out “Why I like pfsense” and a cool little script I wrote back in 2008 with regards web site health (stay tuned I’m going to elaborate on this). Sorry if anyone was missing this historic data. It’s interesting from a curative perspective keeping this project alive – I’ve been bloging in one form or another since 2005!

Old blog is at https://gingercatsoftware.com/Blog.php

Point your rssfeed reader to https://gingercatsoftware.com/rssfeed.php

Now coming at you via fiber optic – or FTTP!

So I moved home recently and what I didn’t realise, and what was also a very pleasant surprise, was that the new home has a fiber optic link (or fttp if you want the nice acronym!). So now via a not so great gigabit link via my ISP’s cheap and rather crappy supplied modem. It’s not rocket ship fast but should hopefully be a lot better than the old ADSL2 link that the poor thing limped along on. Fingers crossed that this should work faster and we should have longer uptimes!


Happy new year and some update news!

Well happy new year and I hope that you have had a happy and safe holiday season! I’ve made a few minor changes to my sshfail project. For those of you who don’t know what that’s about have a look at this old post. In a nut shell it’s a script to generate a report that looks at the number of unsuccessful attempts to attack your machine if you have ssh enabled. It also creates a list of the ip address that generate this may hem and it’s darn educational.

My own experience is that the the machine fights back anything from 3 to 6 thousand attempts a day to hack it!  I’m making an assumption that the bigger sites – targets may be taking more flac than that. It’s sobering and sad that this is the state of the internet today. SO be careful out there and secure your machines.

Oh and the pic I’ve included – well stay tuned it’s an exciting arduino pi based project that I may let you all in on soon. But it’s secrete and in testing at the moment!

Hope you all have a most amazing 2018 and that you stay safe and happy.

Kind regards & have fun!

Steve Abrahall

PS for those of you who might like to run – play with the script hear is the source code.https://github.com/nevetsanderson/sshfail

if you have Git installed just cd to your home and run the following.

git clone https://github.com/nevetsanderson/sshfail.git