AI pushing some boundaries

So I’ve been using for a little while now and discovered that the 2500 characters limitation is one to look out for. (and yes I’m considering getting the paid version to get around this problem). But what have you actually used this for? You might ask!

If your a programmer you are in for a treat. I’ve got it to help me build a couple of things, one being a basic cryptographic product. I’ve had this idea for about 5 years sitting in the back of my brain and it took about an hour and a half with a bit of help from the droid as it were to get a basic working product.

Steve Jobs once described the computer as a bicycle for the brain, this feels like I’ve just jumped on a rather nice motorcycle! Seriously if you haven’t tried do it now. This is a game changer.

Some of the things I’ve engaged the AI with include

Best lathes for tool making – (I’ve still yet to make a purchase)
Got it to explain shell scripts and what they do in detail
Find PHP errors in my code
The theory of relativity
How to cook a better Pavlova
I’ve also got it to review some of my writing.
Discussed Miles Davis and Modal Jazz

Some of the things it can’t do are language related, I got this reply when attempting to find the meaning of the word “Andoo”.

“I’m sorry, but I am not able to provide translations for the word “andoo” in multiple languages, as I do not have access to a translation database and I am not able to browse the internet”

Dear old google replied with.
“Andoo, to keep boat in position by rowing gently against wind or tide.

So I suppose the old search engine still has a bit of life in it yet.

Finally don’t forget “Prompt Engineering” (a hot YouTube topic at the moment) Which is basically putting data (From the web if needed) into your requests. It has unbelievable sorting / arranging, and analysis skill.

I can’t say this enough, it’s not perfect… but it is getting better all the time, learn to ride that motorcycle.

Attack of the amazons!

Had a nasty attack from a bunch of amazon machines this moring attempting to brute force this little old wordpress installation of mine! Be interested if anyone else has a similar pattern occurring?

This is a list of the offending ip address all of which have all since been blocked. Have emailed the little bookshop, be interesting to see if they get back to me!

List of the nastys if anyone wants that info


xeuledoc is a tool (hacking?) that can determine the owner of a google doc and often the name and email are available. I’ve been testing it and it seems to work well! Although it seems to only work with publicly shared documents.

The interesting thing is that you may not want your name and email address available to every one! Ever shared info via a google doc? You may be exposing at least your name and email to people who are unscrupulous – might be time to think about all the docs you may have shared! Is it a good thing that your email address and name are linked to this data?

It also seems to work with the “Security setting” anyone who has this link. It will be interesting to see if google “fix” this, and how long it might take.

Note this above example is included in the application as published by its owner.

Github link to application

Apparently it can also work on
Google Docs – Google Spreadsheets – Google Slides – Google Drawning – Google My Maps – Google Apps Script – Google Jamboard

What is it about the Australian government and technology?

Pot of pickled peppers

So this government Covid 19 tracking app is an interesting idea – they even said that they would release the source code…. all very good, I’m thinking I may even install the thing… but then today I read this!

To sum up it’s yet another govenment SNAFU…
From the article…

“You really have to wonder what kind of crisis would be needed for the Australian Government to use Australian technology providers for jobs that are well within their capability. “

Update 18 May 2020
Some interesting reading hear. The app it’s self seems reasonable but without the back end code questions still remain.

Update 14 May 2020

Update May 24