AI-Generated Code

Circuit boardsI do a lot of technical reading on line, some interesting stuff I’ve seen, is in relation to computers programming.. computers!

Back in Jan 2024 Linus Torvalds seem to think that humans – well at least part of being a human is in fact like an auto compleet function on steroids, and that in time. Code functionality and maintenance could be done buy Large Language Model-based systems (LLMs). That this will be something that helps programmers and computation in general.

It’s interesting in that some of the comments on this vid are from programmers and their experience with and use of LLM’s and AI, and the ways that they have been used to help create code.

By June 2024 I found this video of the youtuber “Anastiasia in tech”, she discuses how code has been optimized by AI or at least a machine learning process that has created faster sorting algorithms discovered using deep reinforcement learning. This is an important basic computer function that has not seen any great advances in a number of years, but the machine has made some significant improvements!

I like the idea that Humans are auto correct on steroids, well at least a part of us are. Think about it, you can feel your brain working some times (especially if your older!) you can sometimes find the words… and some times they come out wrong. I blame it on solar storms!



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What is it about the Australian government and technology?

Pot of pickled peppers

So this government Covid 19 tracking app is an interesting idea – they even said that they would release the source code…. all very good, I’m thinking I may even install the thing… but then today I read this!

To sum up it’s yet another govenment SNAFU…
From the article…

“You really have to wonder what kind of crisis would be needed for the Australian Government to use Australian technology providers for jobs that are well within their capability. “

Update 18 May 2020
Some interesting reading hear. The app it’s self seems reasonable but without the back end code questions still remain.

Update 14 May 2020

Update May 24