This is my review of Guttenberg

*Guttenberg is the new editor for word press currently the default editor although you can install the older editor via a plugin.

This is like the situation with the Mac books, you have taken away all our ports! Only in the case of Gutenberg it’s gone clean and minimalist. I can’t find things. It behaves differently from a product I’ve been using on and off for 10 years, and was happy with. It’s this mistaken idea that form is more important than function!

Please give me back my buttons, knobs and sliders. There is a reason that minimalism is a choice – it looks great but it’s a very boring way to live! You need to strike a balance between clean and lavish.

The programmers need to realize that you make small incremental changes once a product is working, and it’s ok to leave it as it is. It took us 400 years to agree on the basic design of a book but you know what? It works.

I think the idea of a text editor is something most of us are happy with.

All you have to do is look at the rating of this product and see the 3.5 million people who have down loaded the classic editor plug in to discover that this is not a good path.

Re evaluate your approach please. Until next time I’ll be enjoying my retro plugin.

More crawling skin!

I’ve been following the company that says “Don’t be evil” on he issue of project Dragonfly – Googles “China” friendly search engine. The intercept has the lowdown on this project hear.

I have a belief that as companies get bigger they get more stupid and less focused. I think that this is indeed the case for Google. After reading the article I have to ask what sort of flavour of BS are these so called managers trying to stuff down the throats of humanity?

I’m starting to think it’s time to remove all my content from there platform.

Dec 1 post script 1
The register also has an article about the appalling behaviour of Googles’s senior management and it rightly points out that this is a company that is at a very serious fork in the road.

Dec 1 Post script 2
To expand on my thesis that “as companies get bigger they get more stupid” I also found this disturbing story…