Trouble with the Muskovite

Rafiki expressing his dislike of MuskI’m in this quandary with regards social media, much of it is being turned off. I used to have a twitter account (under my own name) and I’ve deleted it since Musk brought the thing, and it descended into the Vile, festering quagmire of sewage that it now is.

I do how ever have a troll account – and even that is nauseating. But there are 2 or 3 people on that platform who I do like to keep tabs on. I might note that one of those people is valiantly trying to find a positive alternative… (Bluesky wheres my invite?).

I also for a while thought that it would be amazing to start to colonise Mars… but they would have have to have good bacon and whisky available at reasonable prices before I seriously consider making the jump. But then the whole thing of Musk running the place…. again nauseating.  Also what would they call the capital of Mars? Muskville? Musk-o-gee? You would then become a Muskovite..?

I also thought a tesla car would be very nice. To be honest if someone gave me one I would probably say thank you very much (and then sell the thing). But I have heard that it may be possible to hack the international comms that run Tesla cars (and apparently the security may have some bumps in it). Think about the insanity an evil genius could unleash?

Could you imagine it, you get in the car one morning and it locks you in and rick rolls you blasting the sound up to 11. Or just orders all Tesla cars to stop until you pay 1 trillion dollars in bitcoin, to some nefarious individuals account.

I think a hand built electric for about 15 K is looking a lot better alternative, that and I like old cars. It’s a shame, I used to like Musk in the old days, even though he destroyed a Gordon Murry art work (the F1) … before he became an ………..(insert you favourite insult ).


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I found this today, thought people may find it an interesting asside

Zuck doesn’t care about 14,000 people

Car crash siteAlthough I hate FB I do use it some time. So I’m in this Face Book group – and from what we can work out the owner has passed away.

All the admin accounts have been hacked, and despite a number of people attempting to appeal to the criminal a-hole that usurped this group, and of course a number of us have written to the so called FB support and I even sent an email to Zuk himself.

We have been met by this huge wave of silence. Nothing nada – and it really makes me mad – this is a community that has/had 14,000 people and probably about 10 or more years worth of data in it. This has been usurped, abused and the only thing one can really do is abandon it.

Part of me thought it would be / might be a good idea to hack back. But you know is it worth it?

In life I have learnt that one must chose one’s battles with care – or to put it another way “Never wrestle with pigs- you both get covered in mud and the pig likes it”. For now I’ll put this on the back burner … but If I ever meet Mr Zuckerberg we are going to have an interesting and probably rather short conversation.


Another Prime A HOle!

Gee thanks for the near 1000 attempts to log on to my wordpress site! Guess you forgot your password! Great…. Nice try with the host name to! –

I totly beleive google has nothing better to do than hassel my wordpress install! LOL

Some people are just A holes. Your one of them!


So over the last few months I’ve had this really annoying phone problem – it has this glitch with sending and receiving sms graphic attachments. Essentially you have to re-start the thing to receive or send pics! It’s most annoying !!!!

One way to trouble shoot this behaviour, is to do a total reset of the device. (I’ve tried all sorts of things to sort this… it’s a near last resort).

Anyway I nearly locked my self out of not only my phone, but my personal section of the google walled garden. It’s scary when you read that it make take 3-5 working days for google to re enable your account! But some how I fudged it and managed to get my life and this small device that I have trouble bonding with, to access my digital existence.

It was an interesting problem – google wants to send you and an sms but the phone is not set up yet with your google account so it can’t receive the sms – a lovley chicken and egg sort of issue. The work around was to not allow an initial google re-install of my data. Just set the phone up and start – enable it so it can start to send and receive sms. Once I had that working it was just a matter of logging in and then using the sms data that they sent me to confirm that I am in-fact me! Gee thanks big computer in the sky, for the anxiety, the minor panic attack and the final approval of my humble human existence.

I know younger people absolutely love their phones (I understand – it’s tied up with freedom, acceptance as an individual, communication, privacy, a social life and lots of other stuff) but I’ve never really felt like that.

Even with things like the assisted speech function, for me it all just slows my ability to get stuff done! That and I’m fairly fumble fingered with an object like a phone – also I have a theory that I sort of collect a lot of static electricity (if your a cat person and have ever zapped your cat you know what I mean) I hit the wrong button with my face, I was brought up analoug I suppose.

My preferred weapon of choice is a laptop, I can touch type and move about with it and take all my digital stuff and well… for me it just works. Which is what we want isin’t it? Technology that just works.