Trouble with the Muskovite

Rafiki expressing his dislike of MuskI’m in this quandary with regards social media, much of it is being turned off. I used to have a twitter account (under my own name) and I’ve deleted it since Musk brought the thing, and it descended into the Vile, festering quagmire of sewage that it now is.

I do how ever have a troll account – and even that is nauseating. But there are 2 or 3 people on that platform who I do like to keep tabs on. I might note that one of those people is valiantly trying to find a positive alternative… (Bluesky wheres my invite?).

I also for a while thought that it would be amazing to start to colonise Mars… but they would have have to have good bacon and whisky available at reasonable prices before I seriously consider making the jump. But then the whole thing of Musk running the place…. again nauseating.  Also what would they call the capital of Mars? Muskville? Musk-o-gee? You would then become a Muskovite..?

I also thought a tesla car would be very nice. To be honest if someone gave me one I would probably say thank you very much (and then sell the thing). But I have heard that it may be possible to hack the international comms that run Tesla cars (and apparently the security may have some bumps in it). Think about the insanity an evil genius could unleash?

Could you imagine it, you get in the car one morning and it locks you in and rick rolls you blasting the sound up to 11. Or just orders all Tesla cars to stop until you pay 1 trillion dollars in bitcoin, to some nefarious individuals account.

I think a hand built electric for about 15 K is looking a lot better alternative, that and I like old cars. It’s a shame, I used to like Musk in the old days, even though he destroyed a Gordon Murry art work (the F1) … before he became an ………..(insert you favourite insult ).


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